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This is the online home of WebDAO - platform for developing web applications written in perl.

There are many environments in which the web applications work:

    |           mod_perl             Apache     |
    | FastCGI                       CGI         |
    |           ------------------------        |
    |     nginx |                      |        |
    |           |     Your code        | isapi  |
    |           |                      |        |
    |            ----------------------         |
    |  Shell            Test::More      IIS     |
    |        lighttpd                           |

WebDAO designed to save developers from the details of the application environment, reduce costs with a change of environment, and to simplify debugging and testing applications. An important goal is to simplify and increase the speed of web development.

Key Features

  • Abstraction application code from the environment
  • Dynamic structure of the domain logic
  • Addressing objects by URL
  • Built-in support session parameters

Online versions of the documentation

Here you can read HTML and PDF versions of documents.



To install, you can use the command cpan:

    cpan WebDAO

And also download the archive from CPAN directory: WebDAO

Instructions for configuring are in the documentation.


If you find errors in the WebDAO please send in a bug-tracker

Reports of bugs, including inaccuracies in the documentation are always welcome. Errors will be corrected quickly, if you specify a solution.

From author

WebDAO is not a commercial, but there is a positive experience with its use in the composition of the commercial product. I am developing WebDAO in their spare time, so it has developed and documented not as fast as expected.

Aliaksandr Zahatski

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This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. Logo